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The Mystery of the Haunted Duplex

27 Mar

MysteryI get an email first thing in the morning from a new tenant asking me to call her back about an important matter, pertaining to some incidents that have happened at the property.

I call her back, and she is IN TEARS describing a series of strange events over several days, most of which happened the night before. We meet up with the tenants to get the full story that evening:

  • She wakes up the sound of a man screaming, but can’t be sure whether it was a dream or not.
  • They crate their small dog overnight in the living room, and she walks down the hall and finds the dog shut in the bathroom instead, scratching at the door to get out – crate is still in the living room. This has happened multiple times.
  • She walks into the kitchen, and all the upper cabinet doors are wide open
  • The woman and her daughter leave for the day, a little creeped out, and her boyfriend (a US Army soldier) takes a shower. In the middle of the shower the lights turn off (switch down) and the bathroom door closes.

I don’t think Angie’s List is going to solve this landlord problem. We have a plan to get to the bottom of this mystery.  More to come…

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